Castle Weddings

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Castle Weddings

If you want your big day to have drama and atmospheric impact, as well as a sense of posterity that lends history and grandeur to the proceedings, castle weddings should be your number one choice when you’re picking a venue.

Taste Cuisine are a Yorkshire-based event management and catering firm who specialise in weddings at castles; they’re here to give you some advice born of experience on how to choose the perfect castle for your big day.

Castle Weddings

Start with your budget

Weddings hosted at Castles vary massively in price, depending on the size, popularity, and location of the venue you choose. Make sure to do your homework when you’re allotting a portion of your budget to the venue, and don’t exceed it; you don’t want to have to stint on other important factors like the dress or food.

Consider size and location

Convenience is a big factor when it comes to planning castle weddings. Firstly, make sure that your guests will actually be able to reach the venue. It’s all very well having a traditional wedding in the highlands of Scotland, but if no one can get there, you have a problem. Don’t forget that not all castles are necessarily large; make sure there’s space for your quota of guests before booking.

Try before you buy

Photographs on the internet can be misleading, and nowhere more so than with castle weddings, so always go and see the venue at least twice before you commit.

Take the weather into account

If you’re planning a winter wedding in the summer, don’t forget to take into account what the venue will be like when you actually hold the wedding. Castle weddings are in need of particular consideration in this regard, as old buildings can be draughty and aren’t always damp-proofed and prepared for the rigours of winter.

For castle weddings managed to you level of requirement, with mouth-watering cuisine tailored to your tastes and a venue that oozes history, prestige, and style, visit Taste Cuisine’s website today, email them at, or call 01937 849 911 to speak to a member of their friendly team.