Weddings At Allerton Castle

Why Weddings at Allerton Castle are in a Class of their Own

If you’re looking for a wedding that oozes charm and decadence, set in a place that’s full of the history of its forefathers, Allerton Castle is the venue for you. Taste Cuisine are an event management and catering firm who specialise in perfectly executed, polished, and stress free weddings at Allerton Castle.

They believe that everyone deserves their dream wedding to become a reality, and they’re here to help you achieve that aim. Exclusive caterers for this prestigious venue, they can speak from experience about why weddings at Allerton Castle are in a class of their own.

Weddings At Allerton Castle

The venue

Allerton Castle is one of England’s most impressive Gothic revival stately homes. It was built by the Lord Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton to signify his position in the upper echelons of the English aristocracy, and comes with all the luxurious trappings that you would expect from such a prestigious personage.

With stained glass windows, 70 foot high ceilings, a grad fireplace and a magnificent main staircase, weddings hosted at Allerton castle are the height of exclusivity, steeped in history and replete with status and decadence.

The grounds

The grounds are part of the reason that weddings at Allerton castle are different from many others. The castle is set in a vast 200 acres of landscaped gardens, complete with pools, fountains, woodland, and picturesque buildings dotted throughout.

The location

Situated between historic York and Harrogate, the castle is not far from the main A1 route, which makes reaching it by car or by public transport a breeze for your guests. Weddings at Allerton castle are not only majestic and historic, they’re convenient too, as guests don’t have far to go to reach a variety of accommodation and some of the best sights that Yorkshire has to offer.

To learn more about the superb weddings at Allerton Castle, as well as Taste Cuisine’s range of wedding planning and culinary options, visit their website today, email them at, or call 01937 849 911 to speak personally to one of their friendly and experienced team members.