Weddings At Nostell Priory

Why Weddings at Nostell Priory are a Cut Above the Rest

If you’re looking for wedding in stunning surroundings, where the people you love can watch you come together in your lifelong union and then party the night away in luxury and style, weddings at Nostell Priory are exactly what you’re looking for.

Taste Cuisine are a professional catering and events management company who specialise in stunning weddings, from intimate to expansive. They’ve partnered up with the breath-taking venue of Nostell Priory to offer unbeatable weddings that truly do the solemnity and joy of your big day the justice it deserves.

Weddings At Nostell Priory

Here’s why weddings at Nostell Priory will make your special day a cut above the rest.

Perfectly picturesque buildings

A National Trust mansion built in the 18 th century, and with all the posterity of it history to lend it an atmosphere of importance and prestige, Nostell Priory oozes grandeur and aesthetic impact from its sweeping carriageway all the way through to its imposing facade.

You have a choice of two buildings to take your vows: the stylish Orangery with stunning views of the grounds, or the traditional and historic Wragsby Church for a more religious ceremony.

You can then retire to the historic Riding School and Coach House to celebrate your new partnership, surrounded by the trappings of luxury as well as your loved ones. Weddings at Nostell Priory are truly unforgettable.

Magnificent grounds

The carefully landscape garden of the priory are surrounded by a vast 300 acres of parkland, making weddings at Nostell Priory a private occasion surrounded by the beauty of nature. The sunny Rose Garden is the perfect place for drinks and dancing in the summer, but views of the superb scenery can be enjoyed all year round.

For professional wedding planning and management tailored to fit your level of need, as well as unique, versatile cuisine served in a professional and seamless manner, visit the Taste Cuisine website today for more information on weddings at Nostell Priory.